Once your content is in place you will gain natural traffic from enhanced SEO and placement of content inside your site.
However, there are further ways you can ensure that the content is used by as many people as possible.

Sprinkled through your website

You are allowed to seed content across your site and use it in two places at once, as well as in a resource area. For example, add direct downloads of business plan and cash flow templates on business loan pages.

Social media/Blog

You can coordinate with the social team to profile a different piece of content every day (or week) on their delivery schedules and use as content to hook users. Request bank staff inform their networks the content is available.

Partner organizations/syndication

Share with partners and syndicate to channels. For example accountants, lawyers, business interest groups, chambers of commerce and the SBDC’s.


Include the use of content in staff training, add content links to staff email signatures and encourage bankers to email their customers directly with new pieces of content

Call centers/points of contact

Include the availability of content in call center training.


Profile content in your customer newsletters. Align content to specific campaigns.

In branch

Develop posters, flyers, point of sale material to inform people in-branch. (You could make it compulsory for bank staff to promote the content to business bank customers, or hand them a promo flyer.) If you wish, print content and hand it to customers.