Can we include our own information inside the content?

Yes, you can include your own text, images, links, calls to action; in fact anything.

Can we get unique exclusive content?

Yes, we can create any content that is specifically tailored to your requirements in addition to the Content Hub. Get the best of both worlds.

Can we re-brand the content ourselves?

Yes. We provide the source files so you can customize to your brand.

Can you help us re-brand the content if we don’t have in-house expertise?

Yes. There is a small charge to do this depending on how much you want to be done.

Do you help with a content strategy?

Yes. Talk to us about what you’re aiming to do.

Do you inform us when new content is available?

Yes, we send a monthly email with the new content that has been added and a small business banking update.

If we’ve changed the content significantly and then decide to cancel, do we then own the content?

Probably. We’d need to see the extent of the changes, but we’re not going to withhold unrealistic permission for your own content. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve changed more than 35%, you can keep it.

Is the content kept up to date?

Yes. We constantly scan the content to ensure that any links referenced are still current and every item is reviewed annually for relevance.

Is the content localized?

All content is US-centric, but if you are outside the US, you’re able to download and edit/localize the content any way you see fit.

Is the content optimized for SEO?

Yes. We have carefully selected the best and most popular small business topics that people search for online and blended in the most popular small business keywords.

Is the TSBC logo on any of the content?

No. We prefer you add your own brand, so you are seen as the content source.

Is there new content being added all the time?

Yes. Each month we add new content into the Content Hub packages.

What are the on-boarding or set-up costs?

Usually zero. If you wanted a formal content strategy, help with customer journey mapping and facilitating internal workshops, then we’d need to charge for this consultancy.

What does ‘white label’ mean?

We provide the content with no branding or labels. It means you can take the content and re-brand, add your own calls to action and links to your products and services.

What happens to the content if I cancel?

Unfortunately, you’d need to remove any content from your website that you’ve been using.

What rights does the license give me?

Copyright and royalty free rights where you can take the content as it is, or edit, and re-publish as your own. Add to your website, use in social media, send in e-newsletters, print and hand it out or share it.

Can I see all the content topics before I commit?

Yes. You can view all the topics here.