File types

Content Hub content is available in several different formats, depending on the content type and how you would like to use it.
Some content has a graphical element (Infographics, Videos, checklists, toolkits) and are available as unbranded files that are ready to use on your website right away.  All our content is white labelled and can also be adapted to suit your company branding. An editable version is provided for this purpose, or we can undertake this process on your behalf. You are welcome to edit any content and use as required.

Files and formats

Content type Format Description
Blogs  Word Blogs are about 600-800 words long and provided in Word doc format. These are typically converted into HTML and used in emails and web pages.


Articles are about 800-1,000 words long and provided in Word doc format to download or ready to use HTML. These are typically used in emails and web pages. The HTML can be copied directly from the ContentHub and pasted into your webpage. This may be edited if you wish.




Infographics can be used immediately on your webpage by embedding the png file. PNG is a standard image file format used for web images and can be displayed in any web browser. Additionally, you could add the pdf file as a downloadable version or use this to create a printed copy. If you’d like to edit the content and/or add your own branding, use the Adobe InDesign file (.idd). InDesign is a common file format used in the graphics industry for creating page layouts so any designer should be able to work with this file. It is easy to update with the right software (Adobe InDesign). Alternatively, ask us how we can edit and custom brand these files for you.



Add templates to your website as downloadable files. These come in either pdf or Excel format and can be edited or rebranded as required. PDF templates are created using Indesign, so an InDesign version is available if required. The PDFs include scripts which must be imported into your revised files if making any edits so you’ll need access to and skills in both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Professional software. We can assist here or you can use these instructions if completing this work in-house or via another agency.

We also provide some HTML code on the ContentHub for each template that you can use to add a button and description to your website. This is linked to a version of the template on our CDN (Content Delivery Network) so that you quickly deploy a template without worrying about hosting the file.

Checklists, Step by Steps & Snacks


We provide Word document for customization. The file should be edited to match your bank voice then used to create web page content. This could then be added to your website as a downloadable file, divided up to form multiple pages or used to create a single page.



The pdf file contains a storyboard outline to use for review and legal approval processes. The MP4 file should be downloaded then added to your preferred video sharing channel (Such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc). You can then embed the video on your webpage or direct people to your channel to view it. You may alter the videos by creating your own voiceover, or adding intro and outro sequences. Please contact us if you would like us to complete this customization for you.